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RAPHA (AKA NURSEJOY), the Medic Pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Human style, vegetarian preference
Role: Healer, Nurse, Field Medic
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Great Shell Shield, Heal, Esuna, Love 'N' Affection, Honey, Sweet Honey, Royal Honey, Syrup, Regeneration Tears, Strike, Yell, Hypnotize
Enhancements: Innate Knowledge (Human/Pokegirl anatomy), Affinity (Magic), Intuitive Aptitude (Healing magic, Healing), Enhanced Strength (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Memory, Reduced Feral, Manifest (Doctor's Bag), Aura of Calm, Deathsight
Evolves: Night Nurse (Battle Stress)
Evolves From: None

Counted as the first pokegirl breed to be created by humans, the Rapha (pronounced Ra-fa) was considered a success at utilizing the DNA of various breeds in the creation of a new one. In the case of the Rapha, Dr. Weinstone combined Cherry, Pollita, and Ingenue along with minute amounts of three other breeds to essentially build a nearly completely human appearing, healing capable pokegirl. When first introduced, the media advertising the Rapha called the spokes-pokegirl 'Nurse Joy'. The name ultimately stuck, and became more famous than the breed's true appellation.

Typically called NurseJoys or Joys, the breed stands on average between 5 and 5.5 feet tall (1.52-1.68 m) with outliers as far as 6 inches (15cm) taller or shorter. Due to all three of the base individuals used having the same color of hair, most Rapha have hair in some shade of pink with white or red being outliers. Rarely, the breed will have human standard colors or odd colors of hair. Eye color ranges within human norms, with blues and greens being the most common though it is not unknown for individuals to have pink colored irises. Most have above average or at least proportional bust lines, though body types are similar to those of humans.

Compassionate, Helpful, and Kind are the three most common personality traits attributed to Raphas. A majority of individuals have wonderful bedside manners, capable of putting nervous patients at ease. For rowdy patients, the breed's Yell and Hypnotize abilities can be coupled with their Aura of Calm to diffuse situations. NurseJoys are also able to summon any medical tool they're personally familiar with, which is packed within a doctor's bag. This ability is unable to summon complex machinery larger than the bag, but typically an individual can get needles and suture thread, scalpels, bone saws, hypodermic needles, gauze, tape, forceps, tweezers, scissors, IV bags, and many other commonly used hand-held equipment.

NurseJoys are typically non-violent, though they can hold their own against weaker pokegirls if pressed. Most individuals are never put into the battlefield, as their skills in healing are not something to be risked in a battle. Many individuals would much rather use their strength to pick up or turn bedridden patients or their agility to help nimbly suture a wound than dodge attacks or try to punch a foe.

Rapha have no common majority when it comes to taming preferences, though a significant minority have a preference for sexual role play. The breed is also affected strangely by cannabis in that it acts like an aphrodisiac. While unable to become intoxicated from the drug, NurseJoys instead become incredibly aroused. Due to this, many Leagues have no smoking policies within pokecenters and hospitals, partly to keep their employed healer pokegirls from being supremely distracted while on duty.

Upon going feral, a Rapha become skittish, shy pokegirls. They tend to hide or run first, which is coupled with an inability to keep track of time or focus. Ferals outside of cities tend to be thin and are commonly picked off before any evolve. Within cities, they pose no threat to humans, though will make a nuisance of themselves by raiding garbage cans or sneaking into areas for food and shelter. Catching a NurseJoy is as simple as properly pinning one down, as they can't put up much of a resistance. Use of cannabis is also a quick capture method, as then the feral will be more than willing to tame.

Threshold into a Rapha tends to be a very fast affair, allergy or common cold-like symptoms or intestinal distress are usually the only signs before the hair begins to change color. Eye color change is a fifty-fifty chance. Within three days, the new NurseJoy is ready to be placed with a tamer or sold to the League.